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 Take a relaxing vacation to beautiful Costa Rica. Great! What better way is there to get some much deserved rest and rejuvenation than by soaking in thermal waters heated to therapeutic temperatures by a volcano, and, at the best Arenal hot springs at that? Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? Trust us, it feels even better than it sounds.

Given that Costa Rica is home to five active volcanoes, volcanic hot springs are a popular attraction. Although thermal water pools exist in various areas throughout the country, the majority (and certainly the most well-known) are located in the La Fortuna (Arenal) region, thanks to the nearby Arenal Volcano. 

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Is located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica on a privileged site at the base of the imposing Arenal Volcano and sorrounded by exuberant nature. At the end of a fast-paced fun day, take a dip in our thermal swimming pool filled with soothing hot water from underground. Have a seat underneath the cascade and let the steamy water massage your tired muscles as it falls on you from above. These healing waters relax you by reducing pressure on joints and muscles and eliminating tension. In addition to cleansing the skin, the waters have curative properties that help your metabolism while stimulating digestión.


This water contains all of the original minerals of the hot spring, around twelve different ones. According to a study performed by Gala Termal, a spanish consultancy company for thermal water centers, our water is described as: Hyperthermal water of mild mineralization with sodium chloride, magnesium and sulfates. Just like name suggests, our water’s main minerals, are sodium chloride, magnesium and sulfates, though it also contains a high proportion of calcium and bicarbonates.To boost the water’s beneficial properties, our attractions count with focused hydromassage for different body muscle groups.


Discover Costa Rica´s largest network of naturally flowing thermal mineral springs in Arenal’s largest and most beautiful private, rainforest reserve. Tabacon is flanked by the beautiful Arenal Volcano at one end and the Arenal Volcano National Park on the other. The road here literally takes you to the heard of the jungle, so expect the sounds and sights of the native flora and fauna to flood your senses. This is where the thermal experience begins. There are five main springs source highly mineralized water that is heated underground by the Arenal Volcano’s magma. Thousands of gallons of this perfect water naturally emanate every minute. The thermal water flows throughout the resort, forming the Tabacon River. You will find dozens of cascading waterfalls and warm pools along the riverbed, of varying temperatures, water flows and degree of privacy.
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