Manuel Antonio Hostel Resort

Manuel Antonio Hostel Resort
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Manuel Antonio Hostel Resort

Surrounded by nature and only 5 minutes away from Manuel Antonio national park, one of the most exotic icons of Costa Rica and around the world, that’s where you find Manuel Antonio Hostel Resort.
Our hostel blends an excellent climate and the scenic beauty of the area with the pleasant ambience that characterize all of our hostels.

Our resort concept and our trained staff allow us to provide you the comfort and relaxation that you need in this vacations in Costa Rica, as in different activities in the area so you can live a unique experience surrounded of a natural beauty as it is Manuel Antonio National Park or you can also enjoy great surf in the beautiful white sand beaches and plenty biodiversity that characterize the area.


Private Standard Room 45% off

1 pax STD $29.00
2 pax STD $32.00

Private Deluxe rooms 45% off

1 pax DLX $36.00
2 pax DLX $46.00
3 pax DLX $57.00

Bungalows 45% off

1 pax BGLOW $36.00
2 pax BGLOW $46.00
3 pax BGLOW $57.00
4 pax BGLOW $66.00
5 pax BGLOW $74.00

Dorms 15% off

Dorm Mixed $12.00
Dorm Female $12.00